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Hey there, and welcome to Life in a Nutshell.

First of all, this blog is the product and a result of a hard work, very hard work of good writings, bad writings and no writings at all!!!

as you can see I started it with only 17 posts accumulated since early 2000, and now as you can see the numebers are rising, thank god for that 🙂

I started from scratch, and worked hard to build my audience and the numbers are speaking well to me too, also thank god for that 🙂

as for the copyrights thingy I recommend you to ask me first before quoting or copying anything, who knows, I might say yes 😀

you can copy as many pictures and photos as you want, but when it comes to words, well those words were so hard to get out of my mind, and if I was to take a penny for every letter of them I’d have been so rich :D, but a small “please” can make it all go away 😀

I wish you all a happy and joyful ride with us 🙂

thanks for cooperating 🙂

Ahmad Khalifa

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