AS IF….Part I

  • As if I was gonna replace you…
  • How so, and you were the best damn thing that ever happened to me
  • Though I thought I knew you so well.
  • But apparently you simply don’t know anyone well enough.
  • For I almost known you for 7 years, friends forever, that was the original deal.
  • We’ve been through good and dire time’s altogether.
  • Been there for you as you’re there for me, but you suddenly decided to disappear.
  • Leaving me living in a restless state and agonizing fear.
  • For almost 2 years I feared the worst that could have happened to you.
  • Thought I might hear you’re dead somewhere, because no one can simply vanishes into thin air like this.
  • Especially after a promise to be right back, but you weren’t there.
  • Though I kept trying to get a hold on you, or a simple whiff about you, but all were in vain.
  • Left no stone unturned, knocked on every possible door I could found.
  • And just like the legend of the phoenix, you reemerged.
  • And it was painful to find you like this, not by me, but through a very helpful friend.
  • The thought of you being alive and well was a relieve, but still it was hard for me to believe.
  • That you were living your happily ever after without telling me you’ve found your special one.