Eleven random facts about me and My second Liebster award ever!!!


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my proud honor to present to you my acceptance and recognition speech for my second ever Liebster Award, it’s been a great honor to be nominated by my favorite blogger of all times and my blog buddy and part-time-partner, the one and only AISHA, “the amazing Ms. ASH”.


I was shocked by your nomination, and it took me a while to get myself together and write this speech and due to current events in Egypt, I finally got to write it and humble accept your nomination and I thank you soooo much for this great honor J

Here are the rules people, stick to them carefully


1. List eleven random facts about yourself
2. Nominate eleven other bloggers for the Liebster Award
3. Notify these bloggers
4. Ask eleven questions that the bloggers must answer upon accepting the Liebster Award
5. Answer the eleven questions that you were asked when you were nominated.

So now that you know the rules, let the games begin, here are the eleven random facts about me.

Eleven Random Facts about Me

  1.  I gained about 20 kg in about 5 years and lost 22 in a year and a half
  2. Am not afraid of heights but I get a strange feeling in my guts when I used to ride the swing and when see people jumping
  3. I hate sea food
  4. I love shades of blue
  5. I hate electric fans
  6. I love to walk
  7. Am very stubborn
  8. Sometimes I don’t know nothing about myself, strange huh
  9. I may seem so calm and cool, but I have a very short temper
  10. Somehow I feel lonely even if when am surrounded with people I care about
  11. I am a very moody person who hungers for joy and happiness

Eleven Questions for Me

1-      Stranded on an island, would you eat raw worms, roaches and spiders in order to survive or prefer dying with hunger? (I’d die trying :D.)

2-      Are you a fan of Sushi? ( no I am not)

3-      Name one of your blogs that you are proud of and consider it as one of your best writes. (Thoughts of a Restless Mind)

4-      What’s your biggest nightmare or fear? (epic failure and fear of death)

5-      Have you seen the movie “2012″? So you have two tickets for the ship that can save your life. Who would you take? (my someone special, if they exists)

6-      Do you beat the hell out of your remote when it stops working? (Ha-ha, yes I sure do :D.)

7-      One thing you would like to change about people and why.(stupidity, because it’s stupid)

8-      A person whose talks choke you to death is talking to you for over half hour. Will you tell him straight to go away, make an excuse and run for life or risk your life and stay? (I’d excuse myself and go)

9-      Do you enjoy try out new food combinations? Such as a chili with chocolate sauce or nachos with ice cream.(nothing too exotic)

10-  What has been your most embarrassing experience in life so far?(ahem,,,cant remember)

11-  Ask yourself a question and answer it. (Haaaaaaaaaaave you met ted,,,,, not yet :D).

Eleven Questions the Nominees:

1-      The mot clichéd question, where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

2-      Another clichéd question, if you choose to be a superhero, what would you choose?

3-      Looks like am running out of imagination, have you seen a ghost?

4-      What is your favorite getaway place?

5-      Have you tried something dangerous and adventurous before?

6-      If you got two tickets to the moon, who would you take with you?

7-      Your favorite weekday, and why?

8-      What’s on your mind right now?

9-      You ever wanted to kill someone?

10-  What’s the most brilliant idea you ever had?

11-  Ask yourself a question and answer it

Nominated Blogs and Bloggers:

  1. Aisha’s Scrapyard
  2.  Chicpress
  3. Linda Willows
  4. Christine Smith-Johnson
  5. Julie Catherine 
  6. Parry’s Slice of  Life 
  7. Rana Armoush
  8. Lscott Poetry
  9. Mawajowe’s Blog

I couldn’t come up with two more blogs this time, maybe next time. Now it’s time to nominate these guys and make them feel happy, spread the word and spread the joy and happiness people.