Sources of Inspiration


People now might start to ask me, “assuming that I’,m a famous writer and I have lots of followers, etc.…” they will probably ask me “what’s your secret, how do you get inspired?”… Continue reading

About Female Vocalists: Part V – The Dutch Queen of Rock.


Sharon den Adel…The woman with the extraordinary colorful voice and an extremely familiar and friendly face. Before we get to the point, let’s take a moment here and talk about a country called… Continue reading

AS IF….Part II


As if I wasn’t gonna be happy for you, and wish you luck. Only you chose the biggest knife in your kitchen, and through my back you struck. It’s not that you don’t… Continue reading

AS IF….Part I


As if I was gonna replace you… How so, and you were the best damn thing that ever happened to me Though I thought I knew you so well. But apparently you simply… Continue reading

The Idiot and the backstabber 3


Here we go again, another place another time, same fool same dagger in the back, but this time it’s a bit different when it comes from someone you’d high hopes for, as they… Continue reading

Old Writings: #5-The light at the end of the Tunnel


When I was sifting through old files, I found that my life is made of ups and downs, and when I searched through these downs I found that last summer was the worst,… Continue reading

Far From Reach


I really miss your laugh my friend , but the memory of it is dying out its been that long since last we met , or you’ve got nothing left to laugh about… Continue reading

2013 in review


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. Hopefully this year will be  better with more posts and good ones as well… Here’s an excerpt: A San Francisco… Continue reading



I can’t believe you’re gone Just like that Yesterday you were with us Now where are you- at? A questioned need not to be asked Yet I must say. I am not relaxed… Continue reading

Dear Mr. President……سيدي الرئيس


سيدي الرئيس، بماذا أفادك العناد؟ لقد فقدت احترام وثقة ناخبيك وتمسكت بالشرعية الدستورية “وهي حقك” ولكنك لم تستخدمها في تحقيق طموح شعبك وتركت الشعب يغلي وكأنه ليس بالمهم. و آثرت  رضا مؤيديك و… Continue reading

Eleven random facts about me and My second Liebster award ever!!!


  Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my proud honor to present to you my acceptance and recognition speech for my second ever Liebster Award, it’s been a great honor to be nominated by my favorite blogger… Continue reading

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