Get to know me

hey there welcome to our humble Blog 🙂

Who  am I ?

I am a 24 years old guy, recently graduated from faculty of engineering.

Where do  I come from?

I live in CairoEgypt

What do I write about?

well I write about whatever comes to mind, poems, articles about anything and everything in life that’s why I called the blog “Life in a Nutshell”

What’s my story?

I can refer you to the “hello world” post in the first page so you can know about my history with writings. Plus I Have an excellent assistant and fellow writer and blogger who will be a great writer someday if she focused her powers on writings, check for her writings in my blog, you will like her, she’s the amazing Mareez, don’t be surprised because her blog is empty 🙂 but she wrote some posts on her own in my blog and she helped me with others 🙂 she’s my “P I C”  Partner in Crime 🙂

Most of our posts here are based on true stories, or personal experiences, poems and point of view about things.

I hope you will enjoy the blog.

take care