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AS IF….Part II


As if I wasn’t gonna be happy for you, and wish you luck. Only you chose the biggest knife in your kitchen, and through my back you struck. It’s not that you don’t… Continue reading

AS IF….Part I


As if I was gonna replace you… How so, and you were the best damn thing that ever happened to me Though I thought I knew you so well. But apparently you simply… Continue reading

Far From Reach


I really miss your laugh my friend , but the memory of it is dying out its been that long since last we met , or you’ve got nothing left to laugh about… Continue reading



I can’t believe you’re gone Just like that Yesterday you were with us Now where are you- at? A questioned need not to be asked Yet I must say. I am not relaxed… Continue reading

Amaranthine – Chapter 1 – The Price of War


How can I wait unknowing? This is the price of war We rise with noble intentions And we risk all that’ pure We’re only as great as hearts will allow What await us!!… Continue reading

Thoughts of a restless mind


Lost in my thoughts Can’t make heads more tails Got many battles to be fought So scared from an epic fail So many lessons needed to be taught What will they do for… Continue reading

Again and Again


Feels like I am locked behind these walls Without iron bars, yet they keep my soul in Trying to break one of my highest falls Fighting to find my strength, yet I only… Continue reading

The Dance


What did I do to deserve all this??! Why does it end in agony? Been living in bless!! Born to live in suffering, rest will come with my death!! When I give it… Continue reading

Sad Song


Hopefully I’d see it before it’s too late Before I lose my mind or find my fate Loving you sincerely was not a choice I made No time or distance will make this… Continue reading

Flight of the Phoenix


Her breath is escalating She’s running away Her powers seems to be fading She’s feeling like a prey She tried forgetting and evading What makes her feel astray? Haunted by an ugly past,… Continue reading

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