Far From Reach

I really miss your laugh my friend , but the memory of it is dying out
its been that long since last we met , or you’ve got nothing left to laugh about
so next time when my eyes meets yours who am I going to see ?
would it be my friend I’ve always knew or someone else he turned to be ?

So far away far away far away from reach
yet so close yet so near from ever aching heart beat
those flashing scenes in memory where I can see your face
I take hold of each of them they’re my runaway place
but as long as we live I know we can relive … we can relive them all over again

I really miss your smiles my friend and hope you’ll get them back in the end
Got stolen from you by hard times while distant miles and days stole them away from me
So next time when my hands hold yours even for the briefest time
will I still be able to feel their warmth or have you gone completely numb ?

But when I look back at it I’ll admit that I know
I haven’t been there for you when I should have been.
you needed me beside you yet you wanted me to go

and so I went so far away……