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Far From Reach


I really miss your laugh my friend , but the memory of it is dying out its been that long since last we met , or you’ve got nothing left to laugh about… Continue reading

Just say it ………..


I sat there in the taxi staring at the streets from the window. it seemed like I ‘am standing still and streets are just passing by me slowing down at times and passing… Continue reading

A Presidential Poll


Just to give your pre_opinnion about who u want to lead Egypt next  ( non Egyptians if u knew any of those I’ll be glad to know yours too 🙂 ) well… Continue reading

My first loss ( may she rest in peace )


They say that when someone is dieing his life time flashes infront of his eyes well i’am not sure of that but one thing i’am sure of it keeps playing inside those who loves him till the… Continue reading

The Only Coptic Saying yes !!!


Needless to say i’m that Coptic as for the story of the YES i’m gonna explain it all ……. Well remember that kinda of useless/dictator president that we had, well believe it or not… Continue reading



Standing from a distance watching all burn to ground so much have been lost who’s to say it’ll soon be found we pray it’ll end before it’s just void all around while screams for change and just… Continue reading

LAME LAME Teacher.


I believe that there’s always something good that comes out of  bad things and seems like the same goes for my Physics class the longest 2 hours in my week we’re all almost sure… Continue reading

“Mainstream Sucks” Or Does it ??


A simple question with no answer but first let’s talk about what’s mainstream music ??. well quiet simply when ever you turn on the radio or m.t.v or just regular t.v or internet you’ll… Continue reading

Misheard Lyrics !!!!


When we listen to a song for the very first time whether it was in our native language or else i think we got to admit we never get the lyrics right i personally hear things that… Continue reading



IN CONTROL You say you didn’t mean it you were just overwhelmed and when it all goes wrong you’ll regret in the end you’ll wish you thought it through fix bridges you’ve burnt… Continue reading

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