Old Writings: #5-The light at the end of the Tunnel

When I was sifting through old files, I found that my life is made of ups and downs, and when I searched through these downs I found that last summer was the worst, that summer of ’07  wasn’t so kind, because I just lost my uncle in ’05 and I just lost another person who was so kind.

But through the darkness of my depressions I found a beautiful light, and as I approached to see that light I began to recognize a sweet and friendly face, I looked harder to see whom might that be.

One by one I began to visualize that it was you, you were that light at the end of the tunnel, standing out there, and it was you; the one who gave me hope in my darkest times. Even though I didn’t really tell you I was in pain, because I actually didn’t tell anyone, but the fact still remains that you inspired me through these dark times, and for that I’m very grateful.

Be older than me or be much younger, friendships are not based on numbers, and though you might be a little bit older that makes you much wiser. Be a boy or be a girl that doesn’t matter either, but the fact remains that you are a girl and that makes you so much kinder.

For you, I dedicate those thoughts I wrote

For you, I dedicate my life to be there for you

For you I’d live forever and won’t be able to ever repay you

For you, only you and nobody else but you,

Dearest of all my friends you are and forever shall be