Flight of the Phoenix


Her breath is escalating She’s running away Her powers seems to be fading She’s feeling like a prey She tried forgetting and evading What makes her feel astray? Haunted by an ugly past,… Continue reading



Evil spirits came to play Good spirits want to slay But only one spirit will stay They wish if they had any other way Instead of giving in to come what may Surrounded… Continue reading

Just say it ………..


I sat there in the taxi staring at the streets from the window. it seemed like I ‘am standing still and streets are just passing by me slowing down at times and passing… Continue reading



So far out of reach She left me alone Without a speech She sat alone On the beach Just her and the waves Playing hide and seek I saw her there Yet we… Continue reading



Everyone has their own spirit to bring The ones with good spirits are many But there’s only one evil spirit A spirit when it comes it sucks all the fun and the merry… Continue reading



Still she haunts my dreams and lives in my memories Can she hear my screams, or I have become a memory Where ever I go, I take her with me in my heart… Continue reading

Goodbyes… wrote before going to the army


Tonight I say my goodbyes Tonight I surrender to my denies Tonight I feel like a Goodman fly With a flat foot and a sticky thigh Whose vision is no good? But what… Continue reading

My Chair


I sit in my chair Looking here and there Staring at the nowhere I smell her scent in the air The smell of her Goldie sparkling hair I sat in my new chair… Continue reading

Egyptian Presidential Elections: Supporters Wars


Previously we discussed the key players in the 2012 Egyptian presidential elections and how the competition between them can be escalated to the extent of declaring war, or as I pictured it in… Continue reading

Egyptian Presidential Elections: A Game of Thrones


I can’t help but relate between real life things and their equivalence in the imaginary world, whether it’s a movie, a series, a show, a song or even a video game, and since… Continue reading

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