The Dance


What did I do to deserve all this??! Why does it end in agony? Been living in bless!! Born to live in suffering, rest will come with my death!! When I give it… Continue reading

The Good Lunatic


  Craziness could take a lot of forms, from mild craziness to complete mental insanity. Let’s take mild to moderate crazy under the microscope, add a little sense of humor to it, some… Continue reading

A Hopeful Transmission


  We began it at winter and we shall end it in winter, and in between there were spring, summer and autumn. Through this extraordinary year (14 months) I’ve been through a lot,… Continue reading

Sad Song


Hopefully I’d see it before it’s too late Before I lose my mind or find my fate Loving you sincerely was not a choice I made No time or distance will make this… Continue reading

The Gecko and the Butterfly


  last night while I was sitting with my friends on our building’s rooftop I saw a gecko on the wall wanted to prey on a small butterfly, although the gecko isn’t as… Continue reading



  When all people agree on one opinion on someone, and that someone thinks that they are all wrong, then know for sure that someone is an idiot, and when all the people… Continue reading

The Orchid


A character that is truly worth studying, a character that possess both strength and weakness in the same time, determination and despair, hope and fear, love and rage, power and sickness, such amazing… Continue reading

The MetalHead…AKA…Ruby Gloom


One of the most stubborn persons I have ever met, always hanged to her thoughts, nothing and no one can change her mind, not easily convinced, so naïve and unbelievably innocent, one of… Continue reading

The mule


  I don’t know why I decided to start with this character, besides I don’t mean the literal meaning of the word “mule” I only mean the adjective meaning of it, a hard… Continue reading

Everyone’s Favorite Doc…..HOUSE M.D


“Everybody lies”, “it’s not lupus”, “The treatments don’t always work. Symptoms never lie.”,” Ah, yes, but as the philosopher Jagger once said, ‘You can’t always get what you want” “treating illnesses is why… Continue reading

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