Wisdom and thoughts-episode 1 “Treachery”


the most disgusting and horrible treachery i have ever seen even if it was not in real life is when corrupted leadership abandon a single unit behind to meet their fate which Was… Continue reading

When…? Based on personal experience


When I’ll see the day?! When I’ll just walk away?! To escape from all this madness and grieves?!…someday!! When the time will come?! When I shall suffer no more?! To get their attention… Continue reading



We live by the code, we die by the code Warriors of honor and discipline We defend our cause with our lives and bloods Glory is our father, passion is our mother Soldiers… Continue reading

Road to Perfection


Sometimes I feel something is missing but most of the time I don’t know what it is Maybe it’s in my imagination that I’m chasing something beyond my reach While afraid of the… Continue reading

We were soldiers…inspired by the original movie


When we were soldiers we used to go through battles and wars. Marched in the fields filled with pride and honor. Carrying the flags of our fathers, with glory we move from victory… Continue reading

In love with the perfect girl


She’s a girl like no other When I see her eyes I can’t help but get lost in their charms When I see her face I feel like sun is smiling at me… Continue reading

Dearest of all my F.R.I.E.N.D.S


      Allow me if I may say, because I can’t see any other option or any other way All I ever wanted is to be there for you whenever you needed… Continue reading

Could it be more…? “Based on a personal experience”


Could it be more? More than all of your dreams? To be loved by someone who really cares about you. To them you mean everything, to you they mean the world, the whole… Continue reading

Army Man…Tribute to my late Grand Father


He was a man Not just a man He was a real man He was an army man He fought through wars to keep us safe He came back home but that is… Continue reading

And then… “based on personal experience”


When I first saw you I didn’t have anything to say I said to myself she’s just another girl and she will fade away And then I traveled and when I came back… Continue reading

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