Sources of Inspiration

People now might start to ask me, “assuming that I’,m a famous writer and I have lots of followers, etc.…” they will probably ask me “what’s your secret, how do you get inspired?” and I answer them in the following few lines.

For me it depends on the situation and the type of the post:

1- for instance the post could be personal, hence there’s no inspiration whatsoever, but the post itself is generated from the events that I’ve been through.

2- sometimes it could be trivial or not important, but it does inflict some inspiration on me, like video games for instance, and I hereby confess that there’s a certain post that’s totally inspired by a video game series called “Prince of Persia” and I will leave it to you to discover 🙂

3- sometimes I’m inspired by the name of some posts from the culture itself, “a name of a movie, a song, etc.…”

4- my passion for music and that’s pretty obvious in the series I wrote about female vocalists and how I do love them more than male bands which are another passion for me.

5- sometimes it’s mainly my mind and my imagination if I did exerted some effort in writing, then it would be part inspiration, part imagination.

6- sometimes it’s pure coincidence and it happened with me few times but I wasn’t able to remember what I was inspired and lucky me I learnt my lesson and once I was inspired a whole poem in my sleep I jumped out of my bed, grabbed my notebook and started to write it down.

7- and finally i ‘m inspired some words of wisdom and that’s a very rare situation, but it happened before.

So now you know my secrets 🙂 and I hope I didn’t burned them all for you.

At the end I’d like to tell all the people out-there, do not underestimate the power of the word, even if it was inspired by the most unimportant or irrelevant thing in the world, because you don’t know when and how you get inspired. A good writer always looks around and observe things and just sit back and unleash his imagination, and that’s another way of inspiration (indirect inspiration), because direct ways is always difficult.